Note: debates after 1993 are available on Nova Scotia Legislature's web site.

Early Debates and Proceedings 1855-1859, 1861, 1864 - 1916, 1951 (one file per year)

Assembly Session Volume Start Date End Date
20th 1st 1855 1855-Feb-18 1855-Apr-04
21st 1st 1856 1856-Jan-31 1856-Apr-17
21st 2nd 1857 1857-Feb-05 1858-May-01
21st 3rd 1858 1858-Feb-04 1858-Apr-01
21st 4th 1859 1859-Feb-03 1859-Mar-21
22nd 1st 1860 Not available    
22nd 2nd 1861 1861-Feb-04 1861-May-10
22nd 3rd 1862 Not available    
22nd 4th 1863 Not available    
23rd 1st 1864 1864-Feb-04 1864-May-10
23rd 2nd 1865 1865-Feb-09 1865-May-02
23rd 3rd 1866 1866-Feb-22 1866-May-07
23rd 4th 1867 1867-Mar-16 1867-May-07
24th 1st 1868 1868-Jan-30 1868-Sep-21
24th 2nd 1869 1869-Apr-29 1869-Jun-14
24th 3rd 1870 1870-Feb-17 1870-Apr-18
24th 4th 1871 1871-Feb-02 1871-Apr-04
25th 1st 1872 1872-Feb-22 1872-Apr-18
25th 2nd 1873 1873-Feb-27 1873-Apr-30
25th 3rd 1874 1874-Mar-12 1874-May-07
26th 1st 1875 1875-Mar-11 1875-May-06
27th (26th) 2nd 1876 1876-Feb-10 1876-Apr-04
27th (26th) 3rd 1877 1877-Feb-15 1877-Apr-12
27th (26th) 4th 1878 1878-Feb-21 1878-Apr-04
28th (27th) 1st 1879 1879-Mar-06 1879-Apr-17
28th (27th) 2nd 1880 1880-Feb-25 1880-Apr-10
28th (27th) 3rd 1881 1881-Mar-03 1881-Apr-14
28th (27th) 4th 1882 1882-Jan-19 1882-Mar-10
28th 1st 1883 1883-Feb-09 1883-Apr-19
28th 2nd 1884 1884-Feb-14 1884-Apr-19
28th 3rd 1885 1885-Feb-19 1885-Apr-23
28th 4th 1886 1886-Feb-25 1886-May-11
29th 1st 1887 1887-Mar-10 1887-May-03
29th 2nd 1888 1888-Feb-23 1888-Apr-16
29th 3rd 1889 1889-Feb-21 1889-Apr-16
29th 4th 1890 1890-Feb-20 1890-Apr-15
30th 1st 1891 1891-Apr-02 1891-May-10
30th 2nd 1892 1892-Mar-03 1892-Apr-30
30th 3rd 1893 1893-Jan-19 1893-Apr-28
30th 4th 1894 1894-Jan-04 1894-Feb-12
31st 1st 1895 1895-Jan-31 1895-Mar-20
31st 2nd 1896 1896-Jan-09 1896-Feb-15
32nd (31st) 3rd 1897 1897-Jan-21 1897-Mar-01
32nd 1st 1898 1898-Jan-27 1898-Mar-11
32nd 2nd 1899 1899-Feb-02 1897-Mar-30
32nd 3rd 1900 1900-Feb-08 1900-Mar-20
32nd 4th 1901 1901-Feb-14 1901-Apr-04
33rd 1st 1902 1902-Feb-13 1902-Mar-27
33rd 2nd 1903 1903-Feb-19 1903-Apr-11
33rd 3rd 1904 1903-Dec-03 1904-Mar-04
33rd 4th 1905 1905-Feb-09 1905-Apr-07
33rd 5th 1906 1906-Feb-22 1906-Apr-28
34th 1st 1907 1907-Feb-14 1907-Apr-25
34th 2nd 1908 1908-Feb-13 1908-Apr-16
34th 3rd 1909 1909-Feb-18 1909-Apr-23
34th 4th 1910 1910-Feb-24 1910-Apr-22
34th 5th 1911 1911-Feb-23 1911-Mar-31
35th 1st 1912 1912-Feb-22 1912-May-03
35th 2nd 1913 1913-Feb-13 1913-May-13
35th 3rd 1914 1914-Feb-19 1914-Jun-10
35th 4th 1915 1915-Feb-18 1915-Apr-23
35th 5th 1916 1916-Feb-10 1916-May-17
Note: There are no Hansard transcriptions from 1917-1919
36th 4th See below 1920-Mar-04 1920-Apr-20
Note: There are no Hansard transcriptions from 1921-1950
44th 2nd 1951 1951-Feb-21 1951-Jun-12

The debates and proceedings were not transcribed by Hansard between 1921 and 1951.

Debates and Proceedings 1920, 1952 - 1993 (one file per day)

Assembly Session Start Date End Date
36th 4th 1920-Mar-04 1920-Apr-20
There are no Hansard transcriptions from 1921-1950
44th 2nd - see above 1951-Feb-21 1951-Jun-12
44th 3rd 1952-Feb-19 1952-Apr-09
44th 4th 1953-Feb-03 1953-Mar-20
45th 1st 1954-Feb-24 1954-Apr-14
45th 2nd 1955-Feb-22 1955-Apr-07
45th 3rd 1956-Feb-14 1956-Apr-11
46th 1st 1957-Feb-27 1957-Apr-12
46th 2nd 1958-Feb-12 1958-May-2
46th 3rd 1959-Feb-4 1959-Mar-25
46th 4th 1960-Feb-24 1960-Apr-13
47th 1st 1961-Feb-08 1961-Mar-24
47th 2nd 1962-Feb-28 1962-Apr-13
47th 3rd 1963-Feb-20 1963-Mar-21
48th 1st 1964-Feb-06 1964-Mar-18
48th 2nd 1965-Feb-10 1965-Mar-30
48th 3rd 1966-Feb-16 1966-Apr-06
48th 4th 1966-Sep-09 1966-Dec-02
48th 5th 1967-Feb-09 1967-Mar-22
49th 1st 1967-Dec-01 1967-Dec-07
49th 2nd 1968-Feb-22 1968-Apr-11
49th 3rd 1969-Feb-13 1969-Apr-25
49th 4th 1970-Feb-19 1970-Apr-24
50th 1st 1970-Dec-10 1971-Apr-08
50th 2nd 1971-Jun-28 1971-Jul-08
50th 3rd 1972-Feb-09 1972-May-15
50th 4th 1973-Jan-25 1973-Apr-06
50th 5th 1973-Nov-27 1973-Dec-12
51st 1st 1974-May-23 1974-Nov-27
51st 2nd 1975-Feb-03 1976-Feb-17
51st 3rd 1976-Feb-17 1976-May-20
51st 4th 1977-Feb-22 1978-Feb-07
51st 5th 1978-Feb-07 1978-Jul-06
52nd 1st 1978-Dec-07 1979-Dec-28
52nd 2nd 1980-Feb-28 1981-Feb-19
52nd 3rd 1981-Feb-19 1981-Jun-25
53rd 1st 1982-Feb-18 1983-Feb-24
53rd 2nd 1983-Feb-24 1984-Feb-27
53rd 3rd 1984-Feb-27 1984-Jun-11
54th 1st 1985-Feb-28 1985-May-17
54th 2nd 1986-Feb-27 1987-Feb-26
54th 3rd 1987-Feb-26 1988-Feb-25
54th 4th 1988-Feb-25 1988-May-25
55th 1st 1989-Feb-23 1990-Feb-22
55th 2nd 1990-Feb-22 1992-Jul-02
56th 1st 1993-Jun-28 1994-Apr-12
56th 2nd 1994-Apr-12 1994-Jun-30